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An appraisal certificate from a professional is helpful should you need insurance coverage or if you would like to sell or trade your rug. The appraisal includes a detailed value of your rug. We take the following into consideration, as part of our professional appraisal service.

  1. Our professional appraiser first conducts an initial evaluation of your rug to determine whether a more thorough evaluation is necessary.
  2. If we determine that the rug is of value; we measure your rug, take pictures from front and back for our second more thorough evaluation.
  3. We provide a printed appraisal certificate with all the information about your rug, including printed image in the back of your appraisal.

Our appraisals determine the value of your rug and consider the following information:

  1. Country of Origin
  2. Quality - Foundation & Piles (FIBER & MATERIAL)
  5. AGE
  6. SIZE
  7. TYPE
  9. VALUE


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Repair &

We offer expert repair, restoration and sewing services such as making your fine rug ready to mount.

Arman Fine Rugs not only offers the finest Persian and oriental rugs, but also provides a wide range of repair and restoration services. Our team of professional repair experts is highly skilled in handling the most difficult and challenging of tasks. We are well equipped to take on any rug repair need. Our services include complete:

  • Re-weaving

  • Patching

  • Fringe repair

  • Binding

  • Color bleeds

  • Dye runs

  • Water damage restoration

  • Pet damage restoration

  • Assorted stain removal

  • Mold remediation

Allow us bring your rug back to life and look new again.

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The 4th Avenue Rug Gallery is proud to offer hand wash rug cleaning services, we also do stain removal and sanitization to prevent moth wear.

Arman Fine Rugs has offered exceptional hand wash rug cleaning services for over 25 years. We offer traditional hand washing, which is a wet bath to remove dirt, stains, and odors. Each rug is unique and we take great care to inspect your rug in detail and suggest the best washing plan. Once your rug is in our cleaning facility, we follow these steps to clean your rug:

  1. We first inspect your rug more thoroughly; then remove dirt and dust before washing. This includes beating, vacuuming or both.
  2. Following, we wash the rug with special shampoos designed for your type of rug. Before washing, we consider the fibers (whether cotton, wool, silk or combination fibers). We then select the recommended cleaning solution for your rug; this helps us make certain that your rug is not damaged by our cleaning solutions. During the wash process, our wash experts gently and effectively clean and remove dirt and stain from all areas. In some cases, however additional cleaning or spot cleaning is necessary to remove persistent stains or odors.
  3. Once your rug is cleaned thoroughly by hand, we use a cold water rinse to wash out all dirt and stain out of your rug, and immediately remove excess water from your rug to prevent colors from running onto each other. If the cleaning solution is not rinsed thoroughly, this can result in permanent damage to your handmade Persian or Oriental rug.
  4. We finally lay the rug flat in the sun to dry, which is the best and safest way to dry rugs.
  5. Once the rug is completely dry, we groom the fringe, brush and vacuum the rug to soften the pile. We offer additional services, such as trimming fringes at your request
  6. We recommend having your rug washed approximately every 3-5 years depending on foot traffic. You should immediately clean the rug in the event that it is soiled with wine, pet stains, oils or any other substances that may cause permanent damage or permanent stains to your rug.
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trade - Consignment

As we carry a wide range of handmade rugs we are agreeable to taking your rug in a trade towards a new one that would better fit your needs.

Here at Arman Fine Rugs, we are available to consult and assist you in any and all of your rug needs. If you have a rug that no longer fits your lifestyle, you can bring it in for our expert evaluation. After our careful examination, we may take your rug on consignment. If you are considering an update or change in your décor, we may trade your old or unwanted rugs for a different color, shape, size or design to better suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of handmade rugs from which to choose. A trade is an excellent option for applying the value of your rug toward the cost of transforming your home design and interior.

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Complimentary consultation

As our rugs are unique we work one on one with local design professionals in locating the perfect rug for your space and budget with to the trade discount.

Arman Fine Rugs takes pride in our complimentary consultation services. With decades of design experience, we are available to assist you in the ease of selecting the perfect rug for your lifestyle and home décor. Additionally, our in-home approval service provides our clients the ability to take home up to five rugs. We believe that it is necessary for you to experience each rug in your own home before committing to a purchase.

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