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Del Mar Persian Rugs

Having a hard time deciding on how you will interestingly revamp the overall look of your home? Try adding a rug to complete the look or feel that you are trying to achieve in terms of transformation. Rugs can actually be a game changer as it plays an important role in your home.

Whether it maybe Fine Rugs, Traditional Rugs, or Oriental Rugs, rugs can pull the pieces together, define a space, create a variety/harmony, or highlight a certain section. Surprised on how versatile rugs can be? Added sense of warmth can also be achieved by using rugs in your home. One thing to like about such rugs is that they never go out of style and you have various options to choose from (e.g. color, fabric, scale, and style). With thousands of options available, it is best for you to consider the following before purchasing the rug.

  • 1. Room / Space
  • 2. Size
  • 3. Shape
  • 4. Color/Pattern/Style
  • 5. Fiber

Arman Fine Rugs is a family owned business in the Little Italy area of San Diego providing quality rugs that adds a unique artwork to your floor. We have been serving the Del Mar Area for over 35 years. Del Mar is the perfect place to be when it comes to enjoying amazing beaches, world-class resorts, shops, and prominent restaurants. Del Mar is actually called “The Place where Surf Meets Turf.” If you are currently living in Del Mar or is planning to move to Del Mar and would like to revamp your home with stylish rugs that never goes out of style, contact us!

As direct importers, we also provide cleaning, repair, appraisal and insurance services of hand crafted rugs. Arman Fine Rugs has an exclusive collection of great quality handmade rugs hand carefully selected by owner from the best rug weaving provinces East of the Mediterranean. We specialize in all types of Oriental, Traditional, and Fine rugs, as we have been direct importing for many years.