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Bankers Hill Persian Rugs

Bankers Hill is actually known as Park West and is formerly known as Florence Heights. This is located in San Diego and has been considered as a long-established uptown neighborhood that is just near Balboa Park. Fun fact! This neighborhood was named “Bankers Hill” because of its reputation to be the home to wealthy people and families. Some of the advantages living in Bankers Hill include:

  1. Being centrally located
  2. Great mixture of old and new residence
  3. Vast space of walkability
  4. Numerous medical cities


Direct Importer of Fine Persian Rugs In Bankers Hill

Thinking of revamping the look of your home by utilizing Persian rugs? You came to the right place. Arman Fine Rugs provides authentic, quality Persian rugs. Not just that! Arman Fine Rugs also have the largest selection of Fine Rugs, Traditional Rugs, and Tribal Rugs. You will not regret deciding to purchase Persian rugs to revamp your home as these rugs are flexible and have the ability to be utilized in different ways to get the look that you are going for and the function you want it to serve.

Having trouble deciding? Do not worry. We understand that selecting an authentic Persian rug or carpet is not that simple as each carpet or rug is a unique piece. You will not find any two Persian carpets or rugs to appear the same. We have extensive experience and knowledge to help you. We will go beyond your expectations and educate you about the difference of each rug type to help you throughout your buying process. It was in the 1950’s that our family business began and our customers have always appreciated our services. We are known throughout San Diego because of our reputation. High quality products and great, reliable customer service are two things that you can always expect from Arman Fine Rugs at a very affordable price.

We also provide the following services at Arman Fine Rugs:

  1. Appraisal

    An appraisal certificate from a professional is helpful should you need insurance coverage or if you would like to sell or trade your rug...READ MORE

  2. Repair and Restoration

    Our team of professional repair experts is highly skilled in handling the most difficult and challenging of tasks...READ MORE

  3. Wash

    We offer exceptional hand wash rug cleaning services for over 25 years...READ MORE

  4. Trade Consignment

    If you have a rug that no longer fits your lifestyle, you can bring it in for our expert evaluation. After our careful examination, we may take your rug on consignment… READ MORE

  5. Complimentary Consultation

    With decades of design experience, we are available to assist you in the ease of selecting the perfect rug for your lifestyle and home décor…READ MORE

We can handle all of the things when it comes to Persian rugs. We offer cleaning, repair, appraisal and insurance services of rugs. For more information, visit our Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. If you have any questions, call 858)231-8700 or leave a message here. If you have time, you can also stop by our store! Other serviced locations include: Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe,  San DiegoPowayTorrey Pines, Solana BeachRancho Penasquitos, and Mission Hills.