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Rancho Santa Fe Persian Rugs

Locally known as “The Ranch,” Rancho Santa Fe is a great choice of place to live in. What is it really like to live in a beautiful place like Rancho Santa Fe? The luxury of Rancho Santa Fe can be compared to the luxury of Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Malibu with a mix of rustic countryside charm. It is actually known for its luxury real estate and mansions. Fun fact, Rancho Santa Fe earned its 13th spot in the most expensive zip code in the entire country. Prices of homes start from $1.5 million. Condos and townhomes are available and has a median price in the $700,000 range. By paying top dollar, you will surely have a perfect view of a beautiful countryside.

Decorating with Persian Rugs to Enhance Interior Design

If you are already living in a million dollar home, would you not want to top it off with something that will surely make your home even more beautiful? With its versatility in style, color, type, and size, persian rugs can drastically change the look of a room. There are several reasons why you should purchase and use persian rugs at your home. Aside from the fact that persian rugs are great for decorating, persian rugs can be considered as an investment. Such hand-knotted rugs are durable and can usually increase in value over time. It is also something that may be passed down to the next generations. You can be assured that no two persian rugs look alike as each has its own distinguishing features. In addition, persian rugs provide comfort but does not compromise when it comes to style.

If you are currently living or planning to move to Rancho Santa Fe would like to enhance your home with stylish persian rugs that never goes out of style, contact us! We have been serving Rancho Santa Fe area for over 35 years.As direct importers, we also provide cleaning, repair, appraisal and insurance services of hand crafted rugs. Arman Fine Rugs has an exclusive collection of great quality handmade persian rugs carefully selected by the owner from the best rug weaving provinces East of the Mediterranean. We even specialize in all types of Oriental, Traditional, and Fine rugs, as we have been direct importing for many years. Arman Fine Rugs is a family owned business in the Little Italy area of San Diego providing quality rugs that adds a unique artwork to your floor. Other serviced locations include: Del Mar, La JollaSolana BeachSan DiegoPowayTorrey PinesRancho PenasquitosMission HillsBankers Hill.